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BadAss Garage Floor Coatings: Enhancing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

On May 5, 2023

Our technicians at BadAss Garage Floors have been providing high-quality garage floor coatings in Atlanta. Whether for residents and business owners that are looking to improve their interior and exterior curb appeal. With over ten years of experience in contracting. Our company is a testament that epoxy and polyaspartic coatings can upgrade resale values/ It also erase cosmetic imperfections, and undo structural damage caused by seismic activity and human interaction.

We provide some of the most competitive warranties for commercial and residential customers in Atlanta and beyond, signifying our confidence in the beauty and staying power of our work.

Below, we outline how a concrete coating can enhance your home’s curb appeal. If you own a business structure, like an office park, restaurant, or deli. The majority of these benefits will apply to you as well. For a more detailed explanation of how garage floor coatings can benefit a specific indoor or outdoor space. Call us for a free consultation through our contact details below.

What Is Curb Appeal and Why Does It Matter?

Curb appeal refers to how good a residential or commercial structure looks from the street. Before the internet, people used to glance at the landscaping, paintwork, and sidings of a home before coming to an open house to see the interiors. Today, listings without pictures and videos will not garner views and are likely to receive uncompetitive offers from buyers looking to lowball sellers.

Garage floor coatings enhance interior curb appeal by making homeowners feel they have a safe place to park and work on their cars. Our technicians believe garages are among the most high-traffic areas of any home or commercial structure but are often the most overlooked. No matter where you go in Atlanta, you will find a home or office building with cracked, chipped, and spalled parking spaces, even as their owners do their best to keep a contractor-approved maintenance routine.

Concrete, Portland cement, and other coarse aggregate flooring will form hundreds of tiny holes while curing, leaving them vulnerable to intrusion from moisture, mold spores, and microbial colonies. Old gum, spilled battery acid, and oil droplets will require corrosive cleaners and stain removers to eliminate. Garage floor coatings save customers from that trouble, making their floors nearly maintenance-free and immune to cosmetic damage.

How Do Garage Floor Coatings Improve Curb Appeal?

Garage floor coatings are available in hundreds of finishes, colors, and textures. Our technicians can generate a lifelike replica of what your garage will look like using a computer program before applying a base coat. High-quality coatings can improve the aesthetic appeal of any loading bay, private garage, or driveway and keep them looking brand-new through the years.

Unlimited Aesthetic Options

At BadAss Garage Floors, we offer clients an unlimited aesthetic range, specializing in flake and solid-color finishes. Our technicians can also apply metallic and pearlescent color schemes to give your garage a showroom-like finish that your friends and family will love.

Our flake finishes come in different densities, terrazzo sizes, and color patterns. They will conceal the imperfections your garage floor will form over the next few decades and create a transformative effect that can complement a brand-new paint job, ceiling finish, or vehicle. For example, a new muscle car can benefit from dark gray and black flakes, and a new RV will work well with evergreen and brown patterns.

Pearlescent color schemes were once reserved for reception areas and lobbies because of their classy and lightweight aura. They have a base color of mica or mother-of-pearl, accented by earth-toned colors like brown, bronze, or subdued gold. Today, they suit garages that host classic cars, luxury trucks, and even watercraft.

Metallic finishes feature a neon-colored high-gloss finish, inspiring a sense of adventure and wonder for homeowners and visitors. They are perfect for garages with storage spaces for skis, surfboards, and campers. They are the number one flooring option for game rooms, spa reception areas, and sports car showrooms.

Reduce Your Maintenance Requirements

Garage floor coatings reduce your maintenance requirements with their abrasion-proof and chemical-resistant properties. Epoxy and polyaspartic coatings have decades of staying power. They are 100% immune to corrosive vehicle fluids and impact damage from falling tools and spare tires.

We find that most people in Atlanta are not fans of taking their cars to dealers and third-party mechanics. They love doing the work themselves. High-quality garage floor coatings, maintenance fluids, and tire stains will require a mere wipe-down to eliminate, as opposed to bare concrete floors where their stains will remain until future remodeling.

Make Your Garage Weatherproof

Many first-time customers try to save on costs by installing a lone layer of epoxy and calling it a day. However, epoxy is not UV-stable on its own and will begin to yellow under prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Our technicians at BadAss Garage Floors install two-part systems that include epoxy as a base coat and 100% aliphatic polyaspartic as a topcoat. This combination prevents moisture intrusion into porous concrete substrates while providing homeowners an opportunity to express themselves with visual flourishes.

Our vinyl flakes, colored polyaspartic coats, and paints are 100% UV-stable. They will never yellow or discolor after years of exposure to sun and rain.

Contact BadAss Garage Floors Today

Call our licensed flooring technicians at BadAss Garage Floors at (678) 944-8096. We offer free consultations for anyone looking for professional-grade garage floor coatings. We serve a broad range of industrial, commercial, and residential customers who leave us five-star reviews on online and offline platforms.

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