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Epoxy Garage Coatings: The Future of Garage Flooring Is Here

On May 15, 2023

Most Atlanta, GA homeowners want to protect their garage floors. From oil stains, cracks, and other imperfections that damage their structure and hinder their appearance. The best way to keep your garage floor alluring and damage-free is to install an epoxy coating. BadAss Garage Floors offers top-notch epoxy garage coatings. This will take your floor’s appeal, resilience, and longevity to new heights. And at a rate that won’t stress your budget.

BadAss Garage Floors is Atlanta, GA’s premier destination for exceptional epoxy garage coatings and associated services. Our team will help you install, maintain, and repair your concrete coatings so your floors remain in immaculate condition for decades to come. From residential epoxy coatings to commercial coatings in Atlanta, BadAss Garage Floors has you covered.

Why Install an Epoxy Coating in Your Atlanta Garage?

Garage floors are one of the most vulnerable floors on your property. The constant foot traffic, heavy tools, vehicle fluids, and more can transform even the best garage floor into a dilapidated space full of cracks, fissures, stains, and other unsightly imperfections. Concrete coatings preserve garage floors by preventing surface damage and staining, allowing them to withstand nearly anything life throws their way.

Epoxy garage coatings are exceedingly robust resin barriers that make floor blemishes a thing of the past. They install over floors and resist everything from motor oil to impacts without displaying signs of wear. They also improve the floor’s traction, preventing potentially hazardous slips and falls that could lead to serious injuries.

Why Choose BadAss Garage Floors for Concrete Coating Installation?

At BadAss Garage Floors, our concrete coatings feature a durable epoxy basecoat with an alluring polyaspartic top layer. The polyaspartic topcoat also provides additional protection and maintains its robustness for several decades or longer, giving you a long-lasting floor coating that won’t wear out anytime soon. We offer several coating colors and designs, allowing you to customize your garage floor to fit your tastes and needs.

Our team works diligently to install your garage floor coating quickly without sacrificing quality, allowing you to enjoy your new flooring without delay. Our epoxy garage coatings cure as fast as one day and will take your floor’s appearance, resilience, and more to new heights seemingly overnight. We always listen to your needs and work tooth and nail to install a first-class garage floor coating that surpasses your expectations every time we visit your Atlanta property.

We’ve been Atlanta’s go-to choice for concrete floor coatings for over 10 years, ensuring you receive high-quality service from experienced installers. Every coating comes with a lifetime adhesion warranty, ensuring your coating withstands the test of time. We also offer 10% military discounts (with a valid ID), giving you tremendous savings on every installation.

Whether you need an epoxy concrete coating for your home or commercial garage, BadAssGarage Floors has the skills and experience to get the job done.

Benefits of Epoxy Garage Coatings in Atlanta, GA

Epoxy garage coatings offer several advantages to Atlanta home and business owners. They improve your garage floor’s durability, lifespan, and appearance while providing other benefits that help your garage be the best it can be. Below are some common advantages our epoxy coatings provide.

Enhanced Resilience

Again, epoxy floor coatings are very resilient and can withstand heavy weight, impacts, chemicals, and more without issue. They prevent vehicle fluids from absorbing into the floor, preventing stains that take away from your garage’s visual appeal. They also won’t crack or dent, keeping your floor nice and pristine for decades to come.

Improved Appearance

When people think of garage floor coatings, many underestimate their appearance. However, epoxy coatings can do wonders for a garage’s visual appeal, giving it an enchanting sheen full of unique color patterns and designs.

You can choose among several colors and patterns to add to your coating, allowing you to customize the coating to your liking. We can also add colorful fakes to your design to further enhance its allure. Garage floor coatings are very versatile and will match any garage, regardless of its design or color scheme.

Reduced Maintenance Demands

Epoxy garage coatings are incredibly easy to maintain and can shave an hour or more off your weekly maintenance routine. They keep fluids on the floor’s surface, allowing you to clean up spills quicker and more efficiently. You can keep the coating clean and alluring with a traditional mop and bucket, giving you more time to spend with your family or grow your up-and-coming commercial garage.

Quick Installation

One of the best aspects of epoxy floor coatings is their quick installation time. Most install as fast as one day and won’t significantly interfere with your daily routine. Our team uses an effective installation process that ensures swift and long-lasting results, allowing you to enjoy your new garage floor coating in less than 48 hours.

Contact BadAss Garage Floors For Unmatched Epoxy Garage Coatings in Atlanta, GA

If you need a reliable and experienced team to install your epoxy garage coating while putting your best interests first, contact BadAss Garage Floors. Our technicians will handle all your epoxy coating installation, maintenance, and repair needs at a price you have to see to believe. We will equip your garage with a first-class coating that enhances its appearance, durability, lifespan, and more, guaranteed.

Give BadAss Garage Floors a call at (678) 944-8096 and receive a free quote in Atlanta, GA, today!

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