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Concrete Polishing: Can You Polish All Concrete Floors?

On September 23, 2022

Concrete polishing is the process of grinding and polishing concrete surfaces to make them look better and last longer using a concrete grinder. It’s not just for floors, either—you can polish walls, driveways, patios, and even sidewalks!

If you have a small job or one area that needs some attention, you may want to hire a professional to come out and polish your concrete flooring.

Keep reading to learn more about this process!

What Exactly Is the Process of Concrete Polishing?

Before you can learn the process of polishing concrete, you must first understand what it isn’t. Concrete polishing is not the same as grinding or sandblasting—it’s a process that uses finer abrasive grits to smooth concrete surfaces while maintaining their original texture.

These diamond-encrusted floor grinding sand polishing shoes give concrete a shiny, buffed look. When you grind concrete, it’s more than just a cosmetic treatment; it can also create an anti-slip surface that’s safe for people with disabilities and other health problems.

Polished concrete can also provide an aesthetic look in certain situations where it would be impractical or too expensive to replace the existing surface with new concrete.

What Are the Two Types of Concrete Polishing?

There are two main types of concrete polishing: wet polishing and dry polishing.

Wet polishing involves water as part of the process, such as using a floor buffer to buff your concrete floors. Dry polishing is a more advanced process that uses chemicals to achieve the same results, and professionals usually use this method on floors that have been waxed or painted.

You can achieve a polished concrete floor by hand or with the help of a machine. Hand polishing uses a machine called a buffer, which has a rotating head that rotates at high speeds to polish the surface of the concrete, making the concrete look smooth, even, and clean.

Automated equipment concrete polishing does most of the work for you. Still, it costs more than manual tools—and it’s not always advisable for inexperienced workers because they can cause damage to the flooring if they don’t use the equipment correctly!

There are also different types of concrete polishing depending on the grit level. Low-grit creates a matte finish, while high-grit polishing creates a glossy finish.

It’s important to note that concrete is not the only material you can polish. Other materials such as marble, granite, tile, stone, and more can shine with concrete polishing!

Which Concrete Floors Can You Polish?

As we’ve discussed, you can’t polish all concrete floors.

Here’s what you can and can’t do regarding concrete polishing:

New concrete floor with a coating

If you plan on painting the floor or applying a sealer after it has cured, it is best to wait six months before polishing. Otherwise, you may find that your finish becomes discolored or cloudy due to paint or sealers mixing with the polish.

New concrete floor without coating

If you’ve installed a new concrete floor and don’t intend to put a coating on it, you can polish it without any issues. However, we recommend waiting at least four weeks from installation to ensure that it cures properly before embarking on concrete polishing.

Existing concrete floor with sealer or paint

If you have an existing concrete floor with sealer or paint, then concrete polishing should be fine after three months. However, if you have not yet applied paint or sealer to your floor, we recommend waiting six months before polishing to avoid any potential discoloration from paint or sealer mixing with the polish.

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