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Does Metallic Epoxy Scratch Easily?

On November 2, 2022

Epoxy floor coatings provide excellent protection from scratches, stains, and moisture. Metallic epoxy flooring further enhances residential and commercial spaces with elegant designs and breathtaking beauty. Many hotels, industrial facilities, and homeowners utilize metallic epoxy floors to increase visibility, provide protection from spills and slips, and add stunning designs to their homes or business.

Metallic epoxy floors brighten any space imaginable, including garage floors, basements, showrooms, and commercial operations. Unlike standard epoxy floors, metallic epoxy scratches are common. The metallic additives mixed into the clear epoxy resins create a high-gloss finish that showcases scratches easily. To keep your metallic flooring clean and clear for years to come, schedule routine cleaning services by trained professionals to remove dirt, debris, and moisture from epoxy flooring.

Contact your local concrete coating professionals to learn more about the many colors and designs available for metallic epoxy coatings. Continue reading to learn more about metallic epoxy floors and how to keep your floors looking beautiful for many years.

Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Coatings

Although prone to scratches, metallic epoxy coatings prove incredibly durable. Many professional flooring companies offer 10-20 year warranties on metallic epoxy floors. On the other hand, uncoated concrete floors may last only five years if not cared for properly. The many benefits of installing metallic epoxy coatings include the following:

Improved Safety

Durable epoxy coatings resist spills, repel moisture, and prevent metallic epoxy scratches. Moisture-damaged concrete floors risk cracking, breaking, and causing severe safety concerns. Homeowners and business owners praise epoxy flooring for its style and functionality. Customized metallic epoxy coatings include additional slip resistance, fireproofing, chemical resistance, and UV protection.

Increased Curb Appeal

The designs, colors, and styles of metallic epoxy coatings enhance the appearance of any home or business. Customers stunned by the beauty of a hotel lobby’s bright sand-colored metallic epoxy coating may stay longer and recommend the hotel to friends. Homes outfitted with gorgeous metallic epoxy-coated garages and basements impress potential home buyers and boost property value.

Extended Lifespan

Moisture damage wreaks havoc upon uncoated concrete floors. Especially during rainy seasons, moisture trapped within concrete slabs causes cracking, spalling, and deterioration of concrete floors. Firm metallic epoxy coatings ensure concrete floors remain fully functional for many years. Dropped tools, oil spills, leaky transmissions, and heavy rainfall prove no match for the long-lasting results of Kretus brand epoxy coatings.

Weather Resistance

When the heavy rains fall, home and business owners will be relieved to have metallic epoxy flooring. Epoxy repels moisture extremely effectively and prevents trapped moisture from damaging concrete floors. Epoxy also prevents mold, mildew, and harmful bacteria from thriving on damp, damaged concrete floors.

How to Avoid Metallic Epoxy Scratches

Proper care and maintenance of metallic epoxy coatings improve their durability and increase their lifespan. Just as cars require regular oil changes to function optimally, epoxy floors need routine cleaning and inspections from trained professionals. The best ways to maintain the luster and lifespan of your metallic epoxy include the following:

Professional Assistance

Professional concrete coating companies specialize in treating metallic epoxy scratches. If you notice distress to your flooring, contact local concrete coating professionals for assistance. Lifetime warranties and satisfaction guarantees protect businesses and homeowners from paying for epoxy repairs and replacements.

Routine Cleaning

Always promptly clean accidental spills to ensure your metallic epoxy floor shines bright for years to come. Thankfully, epoxy flooring remains incredibly easy to clean. Regularly inspect your epoxy flooring for signs of dirt, dust, debris, and moisture tracked in from outside. Accentuate the scintillation of your beautiful flooring by creating a cleaning schedule.

Polyaspartic Topcoats

Adding a polyaspartic topcoat provides additional protection. Polyaspartic coatings consist of resins and catalysts specifically designed to bind to epoxy. In addition to non-slip, anti-scratch properties and fast curing times, polyaspartic topcoats provide additional protection from discoloration due to UV radiation.

Watch Out For Peeling and Bubbling

Peeling and bubbling indicate poor installation of metallic epoxy flooring. Contact your local concrete coating professionals immediately if you notice your epoxy coating separating from the concrete floor. Metallic epoxy coatings should last for many years with minimal maintenance.

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