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Epoxy Garage Floor Magic: Style, Strength, and More

On June 7, 2023

Do you feel as though your garage is missing something? Does it look bland and boring compared to the rest of your home? An epoxy garage floor might offer the perfect solution to your conundrum.

Epoxy floors consist of an epoxy resin base coat covered by a few other coats to achieve a lustrous, decorative floor coating that breathes new life into your basement or garage. Epoxy garage floor coatings also effectively protect your original concrete floor from damage incurred from constant exposure and use.

Our team at BadAss Garage Floors provides the specifics of epoxy garage floors below.

The Magic of Epoxy: Elevating Your Garage

What’s all the buzz surrounding epoxy garage floor coatings about? You’ve probably seen epoxy coating systems in different commercial spaces. Gymnasiums, restaurants, hospitals, and more all use such coatings to cover their concrete floors.

But epoxy flooring can also benefit residential properties. As a homeowner, you might feel stuck with the original concrete floor in your basement or garage. At best, you might consider a carpet covering or another alternative. But those coverings don’t possess that wow factor that makes a room pop.

You want an option that not only makes your home more unique to your tastes but also lasts. Epoxy garage floor coatings in Atlanta, GA give you that option. A professionally installed coating comes in myriad colors and countless patterns while providing endless years of durability and low-maintenance upkeep.

Epoxy coatings have earned their growing popularity for numerous reasons. But you have to experience these floors to fully comprehend just how dazzling they are.

Unleashing Strength and Durability

The magic begins when the flooring technicians begin their professional installation process. They’ll start by cleaning and repairing your current concrete floor. Using expert techniques, they’ll make all cracks and imperfections disappear to facilitate perfect adhesion.

Then, they’ll apply a base coat. This coat serves as the background color for the rest of the floor. Each subsequent coating adds a new layer of color or pattern to the floor. They finish with a final top coat that seals the floor and protects the layers beneath it from spills and dirt.

Once your new floor is fully installed, you’ll reap the benefits that only epoxy can offer.

  • A cost-effective solution to improve your home’s value and your garage’s attractiveness
  • A durable epoxy garage floor that resists chemicals, water, and UV degradation
  • Stress-free maintenance and cleaning requirements

Unlike concrete floors, epoxy floors don’t release dust and debris into the air. They also don’t have a porous surface that absorbs chemicals, oil, and other liquids. You’ll spend less time on cleaning and maintenance than with other types of flooring.

Plus, your new garage floor coating allows your imagination to run wild. You can choose aesthetics that fit your individual tastes.

Style That Shines

You can customize your new flooring in innumerable ways. Epoxy coatings come in various finishes, colors, and patterns that allow you to flex your family’s individual style. You will design a completely unique floor by the end of your design consultation.

First, check out the diverse style options by searching for photographed examples of other finished floors. As you explore these options, save the ones that best fit your tastes. Don’t worry about design limitations. An experienced flooring company with access to all the right resources can accommodate your requests.

Then, present your inspiration photos to your floor designer. They might show you floors that match your aesthetic or even introduce you to completely new possibilities. You get to choose from the following:

  • Base coat color
  • Pattern color
  • Pattern style
  • Color chips
  • Finishes
  • Other unique effects

Once you’ve chosen the final style, the designer will work with the flooring team to develop the best technique to achieve your preferences. Then, the team will work with your schedule to quickly and efficiently install the flooring. They’ll leave a perfect, gleaming surface with no flaws.

You’ll have the garage or basement of your dreams in no time. The chemical resistance and slip resistance make for less work and worry for everyone in your family.

Why Choose BadAss Garage Floors

So, who can you trust to install an epoxy floor in your garage? You should choose a company with plenty of experience, a dedicated team, endless style options, and commitment to quality. If you’re located in Atlanta, GA, look no further than our team at BadAss Garage Floors.

Our team uses tried and true installation techniques to ensure a flawless finish. We also use quality brands like Kretus Top Shelf Epoxy and Urethane Polymer Concrete for all coating products. You know you’ll get the best with brands that put excellence first.

Finally, we offer a warranty that keeps your residential epoxy garage floor in Atlanta, GA covered for life! No need to worry about whether your new coating maintains its integrity years later. Our team will make sure it does.


An epoxy garage floor is a great way to raise your home’s value and get more out of your garage or basement. Since epoxy garage floor coatings come in endless colors, finishes, and patterns, nothing can stop you from transforming that dusty concrete floor into a breathtaking masterpiece. Protect your investment by working with our reputable installation team at BadAss Garage Floors in Atlanta, GA.

Call us at 678-903-1363 for a free quote on your garage floor coating today! Plus, enjoy a ten percent discount with military ID.

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