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Garage’s Floor Coating: The Ultimate Protection Against Stains and Spills

On April 3, 2023

Garage floors withstand numerous sources of damage. If you use your garage as an entryway into your home, untold amounts of dirt, grime, debris, and bacteria embed within your uncoated concrete flooring. Thankfully, experts offer affordable garage floor coatings to keep your garage in pristine condition.

Garage floor coatings have significantly evolved over the past 30 years. Epoxies and polyaspartic coatings provide years of lasting protection and durability for garage floors in Fulton County. Conversely, untreated concrete surfaces require frequent repairs, regular maintenance, and time-consuming cleaning projects.

Speak to your local polyaspartic floor coating professionals to learn more about affordable, effective concrete coating solutions. Many professionally installed polyaspartic and epoxy floor coatings last over 40 years with proper cleaning and maintenance. Experts even offer lifetime warranties that cover the cost of maintaining concrete coatings at no additional cost to customers.

Why Choose Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coatings in Atlanta

Concrete flooring may seem indestructible, but porous concrete surfaces remain susceptible to severe damage. For example, the dreaded freeze-thaw cycle involves water melting, freezing, and straining concrete’s granules over time. Like ocean water destroying sandcastles, excessive garage moisture slowly breaks down concrete’s sandy aggregates.

Signs of a moisture-damaged concrete garage floor include:

  • Black mold growth
  • Discoloration
  • Cracking
  • Spalling
  • Foul odor
  • Standing water

Advanced epoxy base coats and polyaspartic topcoats repel moisture, adding a durable plastic-like film around your garage floor. Moisture fails to penetrate polyaspartic’s impermeable layer of protection, significantly extending the lifespan of your garage floor. Additional benefits of installing garage floor coatings include the following:

Weather Resistance

UV light does more than dish out sunburns every summer. Harsh UV radiation discolors uncoated garage floors and leaves behind unsightly yellow, green, and black stains. Powerful UV radiation breaks down concrete’s polymers and weakens a garage floor’s structural integrity.

Combine UV radiation with heavy rainfall and blustering winds, and you have the perfect recipe for damaged concrete surfaces. Innovative epoxy and polyaspartic garage floor coatings provide unmatched weather resistance and will not discolor or break down when exposed to fluctuating temperatures. In fact, civil engineers frequently use polyaspartic coatings to coat, protect, and reinforce steel bridges.

Improved Aesthetics

If you hope to sell your residential property, damaged concrete floors can reduce your home’s resale value. Potential homebuyers feel reluctant to invest in properties plagued by inevitable concrete repairs and replacements. The stunning finish of concrete coatings impresses homebuyers and improves the value and return on investment of your home.

Experts can even add decorative vinyl flakes, metallic additives, or quartz granules between epoxy base coats and polyaspartic topcoats for an added boost of color and design. Decorative flake floors add over three millimeters of protection to garage flooring and are incredibly eye-catching. You can commonly find quartz, flake, and metallic floors in luxury hotels, car showrooms, fine-dining restaurants, and museums.

Protective Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coatings

Stains inevitably invade garage floors no matter how hard you try to prevent them. Leaking brake fluid, oil, and grease leave behind distressing black and brown stains that can permanently discolor uncoated concrete flooring. Attempting to remove troublesome grease, oil, and rust stains proves incredibly challenging and requires days of work.

Epoxy and polyaspartic coatings protect garage floors from stains, accidental spills, and much more. After installing protective garage floor coatings, homeowners feel comfortable converting garages into painting studios, workshops, and living spaces. Any accidental spills on your polyaspartic top coat require only neutral-pH floor cleaner and dry mopping for removal.

Epoxy and polyaspartic coatings protect garage floors from:

Hot Car Tires

Homeowners often cite hot car tires as the source of their concrete flooring’s damage. Endlessly pulling your car in and out of your garage wears down concrete flooring and subjects your concrete floor to severe damage. Hot car marks appear unsightly and dramatically reduce your garage’s appearance.

Epoxy and polyaspartic garage floor coatings prevent hot car tires from discoloring or damaging your garage flooring. Polyaspartic resins, hardeners, and polymers combine to create a durable protective coating guaranteed to increase your flooring’s longevity and aesthetic appeal. Epoxy and polyaspartic coatings repel any stain on your garage floor, from a spilled glass of wine to hot rubber.

Chemical Stains

Countless commercial and industrial properties use polyaspartic coatings to protect their flooring from hazardous chemicals. Now homeowners can achieve the same protection for their residential properties thanks to innovative polyaspartic coatings. Even the most abrasive and acidic chemicals fail to disrupt polyaspartic’s protective coating.

Installing Garage Floor Coatings

Experts can fully install epoxy and polyaspartic coatings in less than one day. Concrete coating professionals begin by inspecting your existing concrete garage floor for excessive moisture, uncleaned joints, and cracks. Experts use advanced diamond grinders and up-cut saws to level, clean, and prepare your flooring for concrete coating application.

Professionals mix and apply epoxy and polyaspartic coatings using advanced techniques and materials. High-quality Kretus concrete coating products have excellent temperature stability, meaning experts can apply these coatings on freezing cold or scorching hot days. Homeowners can resume using their garage flooring 24 hours after the final top coat installation.

Top-Rated Garage Floor Coatings in Fulton County

BadAss Garage Floors has proudly served Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas for over ten years. Our highly trained, dedicated team approaches every garage floor coating project with integrity, professionalism, and diligence. Call BadAss Garage Floors at (678) 713-4348 to learn more about our wide range of services and receive your free quote for exceptional concrete coating solutions in Fulton County!

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