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How Concrete Lifting Can Help You?

On September 15, 2022

Over time, driveway coatings, pool decks, and patios can begin to crack and lift. Changes in the soil beneath cause this to happen, and the result is an uneven concrete slab that is unsafe to walk on.

If you’ve been searching for a solution to your compromised driveway coatings, then you’ve come to the right place.

At BadAss Garage Floors, we specialize in concrete lifting and use our poly-leveling technique to fill all cracks underneath the concrete surface. In this article, we’ll cover what concrete lifting is, the process, and how it benefits our customers when compared to other concrete repair solutions.

What is Concrete Lifting?

Concrete lifting, sometimes called concrete leveling, is a repair process that brings concrete that has settled or cracked back to its original level. It is done by filling in the foundation underneath the concrete with a polymer substance to raise sunken areas.

How Does Concrete Lifting Work?

We start by inserting our instruments into the concrete and injecting it with a polyurethane foam that settles on top of the soil beneath the concrete. It has a watery substance initially, but as it meets the soil it expands to cover the surface and fill all sunken areas.

Concrete settling and heaving are what cause driveway coatings to shift, sink, and crack. Settling happens when the soil below can no longer support the weight of the concrete so it begins to sink inward resulting in uneven slabs. Heaving happens when there is too much moisture underneath the concrete, causing it to push up and break.

The polyurethane foam acts as a guard against the soil. It hardens into an even layer to support the concrete and create a level foundation to raise the existing slab back to its original spot. Caulk is then added to cracks in the concrete to complete the surface fill.

Benefits of Concrete Lifting

There are many benefits of concrete lifting, as it provides a viable alternative to replacing concrete slabs that are damaged. Concrete lifting helps you by creating a safer, more even slab for you to walk and drive on. This reduces the stress of seeing unsightly driveway coatings that have not held up with the changes in the environment. The polyurethane foam also strengthens the concrete surface overall, because it reinforces the foundation it sits upon. Concrete lifting is a valuable renovation that can improve the curb appeal and safety of your home.

Quick Process

The concrete lifting process is much faster than concrete replacement. The polyurethane foam hardens quickly and is ready to walk on within fifteen minutes of application.

Environmentally Safe

The polyurethane foam applied under your driveway coating or garage floor is safe for the surrounding environment. It will not leech any chemicals into the soil beneath the concrete.

Cost Effective

Concrete lifting is a cheaper alternative to concrete replacement, which involves breaking down and removal of old slabs. These often require industrial-grade equipment from a professional team, and those expenses can add up quickly.

Invisible Repair

Concrete lifting is virtually invisible. Once the foam has settled underneath the concrete, it is not visible from the surface. This is an attractive point to people who want to follow this process up with a concrete coating for aesthetic value and maintain the appearance of their yard.

Why Choose Us

BadAss Garage Floors has the best concrete and poly leveling service in Georgia. We guarantee that our industry-leading process is sure to transform your driveway coatings, and we won’t bait and switch about the price. You’ll receive clear, upfront pricing from our trusted team of professionals ready to serve you.

We proudly serve Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas, including Alpharetta, Buford, Cumming, Decatur, and Milton. We’ve been providing quality basement floor coatings, concrete resurfacing, and concrete and poly leveling services for the last decade, and have perfected our processes so that our customers benefit the most.

Whether you require concrete lifting on concrete coating services, BadAss Garage Floors has you covered. With our lifetime warranty on residential projects, you never have to worry about a job that won’t hold up.

Get a Free Quote

Are you looking for concrete lifting and leveling services in Georgia? Are you tired of walking on ugly, cracked, uneven concrete driveway coatings? The solution is right around the corner at your locally owned BadAss Garage Floor company. We’re equipped to provide expert solutions to your unsightly driveway coatings and restore them to their original level. Contact us today for your free quote.

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