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Is Resurfacing Concrete a Good Idea?

On December 16, 2022

Many home and business owners are looking for efficient ways to preserve their concrete floors to enhance their appearance, longevity, and more. However, repairing a worn concrete surface is often easier said than done. Fortunately, BadAss Garage Floors offers professional concrete resurfacing that will breathe new life into your concrete floor without requiring a small fortune.

BadAss Garage Floors is one of Georgia’s leading concrete resurfacing companies. We offer high-quality concrete coatings and resurfacing services that will restore your floor’s visual appeal, integrity, lifespan, and more at a price that fits your budget. We have several resurfacing options available and will help you find the best solution to your damaged concrete at a fair and affordable price.

If you want your concrete floor to be the best it can be, contact BadAss Garage Floors for first-class concrete resurfacing in Georgia.

What Is Concrete Resurfacing?

Concrete floor replacement requires technicians to break the concrete into small pieces and dig them up before installation. The process is exceedingly strenuous and time-consuming and typically carries excessively high prices. However, concrete resurfacing provides similar benefits at a fraction of the cost and time, giving you a beautiful concrete floor you’ll enjoy for decades to come.

Concrete resurfacing utilizes a unique blend of concrete, fine sands, polymer modifiers, and other bonding agents to fill cracks and mend damage on a concrete floor’s surface. Technicians apply thin mix layers to the surface, restoring its appearance and integrity without replacing the floor. Concrete resurfacing is a fantastic way to restore a damaged concrete surface without the laborious replacement process.

Concrete resurfacing materials are extremely durable and can withstand 4,500 PSI without issue. In fact, the additional ingredients make it stronger than concrete, ensuring optimal durability.

Concrete Surface Repair or Replacement: Which Is the Better Option?

Although concrete resurfacing can fix most cracks, fissures, and abrasions within concrete surfaces, overly damaged floors and slabs often require replacement services. However, concrete resurfacing is a fantastic option if your floor suffers from the following.

  • Minor to moderate surface damage
  • Everyday wear and tear
  • Visual imperfections
  • Discoloration
  • Enhancing outdated concrete finishes

Most concrete resurfacing companies offer professional assessments to help you decide which service works best for your floor.

Prepping a Concrete Floor for Resurfacing

Before professional technicians resurface your concrete floor, they must prep the area. Surface preparation is one the most crucial aspects of the resurfacing process and consists of numerous steps to complete correctly.

Inadequate surface preparation can cause dirt, debris, and other pollutants to seep into the resurfacing material and blemish the final product, dramatically reducing its allure. However, if your technician follows the steps below, you’ll have a gorgeous concrete floor that will help your property reach its full visual potential.

Step One: Clean the Area

Professional resurfacing companies began by cleaning the area and removing any debris from the concrete surface. They sweep the area and ensure the floor is contaminant-free before applying the resurfacing mixture. Many companies pressure wash the concrete surface to remove anything that could hinder the final product.

Step Two: Remove Blemished or Damaged Concrete

Next, technicians remove damaged or blemished concrete that adversely affects the resurfacing process. Spalling, scaling, or delaminated concrete can negatively affect surface bondage, severely diminishing the result.

Step Three: Fill Cracks and Fissures

Once the technicians remove blemished concrete, they fill cracks and fissures within the slab. They meticulously apply the resurfacing mixture to strengthen the surface while enhancing its overall appeal.

Step Four: Enhance the Surface’s Grip

Finally, the resurfacing team enhances the surface’s grip by gently shot blasting or grinding the area. The process makes the slab safe to walk on, preventing slips and falls that could result in injuries. Once the team improves the surface’s grip, they clean the area and ensure you are 100% satisfied before completing the process.

Contact BadAss Garage Floors for High-Quality Concrete Resurfacing in Georgia

If you want to restore your moderately damaged concrete floor without expensive replacement services, contact BadAss Garage Floors for professional concrete resurfacing in Georgia. We offer several first-class resurfacing options that will have your concrete floor looking better than ever at a price that won’t break the band. We have over ten years of industry experience and can handle all your concrete resurfacing needs swiftly without sacrificing quality.

Don’t let your damaged concrete floor reduce your home or business’s visual appeal. Contact BadAss Garage Floors at (678) 713-4348 and see what our team can do for you today!

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