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Maximizing Your Garage Space With Concrete Resurfacing

On March 14, 2023

Concrete flooring makes a highly durable, solid choice for your garage floor. Despite concrete’s strength and longevity, many factors can take a toll on the original concrete slab and degrade it. Redoing the entire floor may be a costly and time-consuming affair.

Consider concrete resurfacing instead. Resurfacing your concrete surface essentially removes the concrete’s top surface and replaces it with a thin cement layer that fills in small divots and fine cracks.

This procedure allows you to repair damage to your garage floor, pool deck, concrete patio, or other concrete surface and improve your floor’s appearance without spending too much time or money on the project.

In this post, we highlight how to make the most of your garage floor with concrete resurfacing from BadAss Garage.

Benefits of Resurfacing Your Garage Floor in Atlanta, GA

Besides making your old garage floor look as good as new, concrete resurfacing prepares your floor for additional changes and coatings, such as an epoxy or polyaspartic concrete coating. It also improves the curb appeal and functionality of your garage space.

Additional benefits of concrete resurfacing include:

Easy Maintenance

Resurfacing your garage space makes cleaning and maintenance hassle free. You can easily clean your resurfaced concrete floor without breaking a sweat. Try to clean your floor regularly to keep it free of dirt and debris.

Enhanced Durability

Materials used to resurface concrete boast exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear. Our concrete resurfacing materials not only upgrade the look of your concrete floor but also hide minor imperfections and increase its resilience to stains and tire marks.

Your new garage surface will withstand harsh conditions and potentially last for several years with no issues.


Concrete resurfacing allows you to customize the look of your floor according to your style and preference.

With floor coatings available in various colors, styles, textures, and designs, you can significantly improve your garage floor’s overall appearance without paying the price of expensive materials.

Using a concrete broom during the finishing process, for example, allows you to achieve a durable, high-traction surface.


Resurfacing your garage floor offers an affordable way to fix a damaged or unsightly floor while sticking to your budget. No need to remove old concrete and start from scratch. Instead, revive your existing floor by filling in damaged areas and resurfacing.

Overall, you’ll have a stronger, smoother surface with a much smaller price tag. A resurfaced concrete floor will also last for years, looking fresh and new with minimal maintenance.

Easy Application and Time Savings

Resurfacing products boast self-leveling features, which means installers need minimal time and effort to create a smooth and level surface. The main job involves spreading out the resurfacing product across the entire surface.

What Does Resurfacing a Garage Floor Cost?

Cost is one of the most critical aspects of a concrete resurfacing project. It helps to know that the cost to resurface your garage floor will depend on various factors, including:

Square Footage

The size or square feet of the area you plan to resurface plays a huge role in the overall project costs. The larger the space, the more time, material, and labor required for the project. That means larger spaces cost more to resurface and vice versa.

Condition of Your Existing Concrete

Surfaces with minor issues will require basic prep work. Severely cracked or damaged surfaces, on the other hand, may need additional work. If you have an uneven floor, you’ll need to level it first.

Overall, the better the condition of your existing concrete surface, the less you can expect to pay for your project.


The type of design you choose for your concrete resurfacing project will impact the cost. For example, a monotone floor will cost less than a multi-colored or intricately designed floor. The kind of coating you choose also matters, as floor coatings come in various types that vary in price.


Generally, expect to pay more for materials and labor in regions with higher living costs. Research the average labor costs in your area to help during the budgeting process.

If you need help with budgeting for your project, look no further. Our team will work with you to estimate project costs based on different options and help you maximize your budget.

How Does It Work?

When it comes to concrete resurfacing, preparation matters. Our resurfacing process starts with surface preparation using a mechanical or diamond grinder.

Next, we resolve any cracks and blemishes with a crack repair system and correct expansion joints and saw cuts to prepare the surface for the concrete resurfacing coating.

At BadAss Garage, we use an epoxy base coat and a polyaspartic topcoat for the best results. We stand behind our work with a lifetime warranty on residential projects and a 10% military discount with ID.

Call for Quality Concrete Resurfacing in Atlanta, GA

Like any concrete flooring project, concrete resurfacing requires a highly experienced contractor you can trust to do the job right.

BadAss Garage offers the best concrete flooring solutions in Atlanta, GA. We have the technical expertise, tools, and equipment to accomplish the task and exceed your expectations.

Trust our team of experts to transform your damaged, worn-out concrete surface and make it look as good as new through concrete resurfacing.

Call BadAss Garage at (678) 713-4348 to request a free quote and schedule concrete resurfacing in Atlanta, GA, or the surrounding area.

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