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Mesmerizing Metallics: Revitalize Your Floors with Epoxy

On June 12, 2023

A floor is just a floor, right? Wrong! A floor is an integral part of your home or business. It might seem boring at first glance. But a little imagination goes a long way in making that boring old floor a spectacular work of art.

A metallic epoxy floor can help you accomplish a renewed sense of wonderment within any space. You’ll also get far more than just a fancy floor that looks nice. An epoxy floor coating is durable, easy to maintain, and often comes with an extensive warranty. Our team at BadAss Garage Floors wants to give you a few reasons to consider metallic epoxy flooring.

The Magic of Metallic Epoxy: Elevating Your Floors

Are you considering epoxy coatings to revamp one of your indoor spaces? Metallic flooring offers a mesmerizing aesthetic that can fit any business or home. It blends in perfectly with almost any building:

  • Showrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Gymnasiums
  • Event spaces

Essentially, any area that sports a dull concrete surface can benefit from metallic epoxy flooring. You can choose from a plethora of colors, patterns, and other features to truly make the space unique. Professional epoxy technicians will use industry-leading installation techniques to ensure a gleaming, seamless surface.

The process begins with the flooring crew deep-cleaning the old floor’s surface. The team members will mend any cracks, dents, or other damage on the floor to ensure a smooth finish. Then, they’ll prime the floor with a base coat that serves as your background color.

Then, they’ll add more coats, each integrating new layers of vibrant metallic color. Finally, they’ll create any additional effects that you desire before sealing the flooring.

Unleashing Strength and Durability

Once you have your freshly lain metallic epoxy floor, what can you expect from it? First and foremost, it can increase the value of any property. The attractive appearance coupled with its simple maintenance requirements and durability make it a desirable feature for any residential or commercial property.

What makes a metallic epoxy floor in Atlanta, GA so durable? Regular concrete floors are extremely prone to damage, especially as they age. They can absorb stains and create dust. You must constantly sweep and clean them to maintain a clean, even surface.

They can also crumble and crack after supporting constant heavyweight. Each time you park your car in the garage, you are one step closer to your concrete floor buckling from the weight. But with garage floor coatings, you unleash years of strength and durability.

You see, epoxy floors can keep up with your fast-paced life. An experienced floor technician with access to quality materials will seal the floor with a waterproof coating. This topcoat prevents spills from seeping into the floor and slowly degrading the materials.

Plus, an epoxy floor doesn’t create and release more dust into the air. The concrete remains safely sealed beneath the epoxy coatings.

Mesmerizing Designs and Customization

If the unmatched durability didn’t hook you, the endless possibilities for customization will. You can transform the area from boring and colorless to vibrant and colorful. Metallic epoxy comes in innumerable patterns, colors, and finishes for an elevated space.

Do you prefer a more minimal aesthetic? You can easily achieve that! A reputable epoxy flooring company will offer a variety of solid colors from which you can choose. They may sport different finishes like glossy or metallic swirls, depending on your preferences.

Looking for something more dazzling and eye-catching? Use your imagination while working with a design technician during your consultation. You can craft a stylish design featuring contrasting colors or complementary patterns. You can even have logos and designs placed among the designs.

Some customers like to replicate more classic patterns like sprawling expanses of marble flooring. Marble floors offer a tasteful aesthetic that looks gorgeous in almost any room. Unfortunately, they aren’t very durable and require constant maintenance to keep that classic marble gleam.

But you can make your marble dreams come true with an epoxy floor. Rather than spending hours on upkeep each week, you can limit your floor maintenance to one or two hours of quick, simple cleaning.

Why Choose BadAss Garage

If you’re sold on installing an epoxy floor in Atlanta, GA, you just need to choose a reputable company with a foolproof process and lots of customer perks. Why not go with BadAss Garage Floors? We have over a decade of experience in installing and maintaining epoxy flooring for countless satisfied customers.

We also source our products from Kretus, a quality brand that consistently produces reputable, industry-leading coatings. Our team has the installation process down to perfection, which eliminates any excessive project time.

What’s the best part? We offer a comprehensive lifetime warranty for coating failure. If you have any issues with your residential epoxy flooring not adhering to the original concrete surface, you can always turn to us for free assistance.


A metallic epoxy floor is a fantastic upgrade for any garage or basement area that needs some finishing touches. By choosing this flooring style, you’ll make a lasting investment in your home’s beauty, value, and durability. When you install your floor through BadAss Garage Floors, you choose benefits for your home throughout the lifespan of your epoxy flooring.

All residential installations come with our extensive warranty benefits. We also offer a 10% discount for customers with military identification. Call 678-903-1363 for your free quote!

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