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Repair Concrete Cracks with Epoxy Floor Coatings

On January 29, 2023

As the leading providers of high-quality epoxy floor coatings in Atlanta, our technicians at BadAss Garage Floors serve hundreds of residents and business owners who want to rejuvenate their cracked, dented, and scratched floors with epoxy. Applying protectants, like 100% solids epoxies and polyurethane solutions, is a cost-efficient way people can make their garages, decks, and entryways look brand new. Additionally, installing an epoxy flooring system makes surfaces hardwearing and waterproof, making them less vulnerable to cracks and scuffs in the future.

Our technicians at BadAss Garage Floors have decades of combined experience using epoxy resin and urethane polymers to repair commercial, residential, and industrial floors. We can combine our coating systems with floor paint and multi-color vinyl flakes, providing our clients with limitless design options for a broad range of renovation projects.

If you need to repair and futureproof your home with a brand-new garage floor coating, call us today, and get a free consultation.

Preventing Cracks On Your Concrete Floor

At BadAss Garage Floors, we install all types of epoxy coating systems to fulfill numerous residential and industrial requirements. Concrete floors are naturally porous, which means they have billions of tiny holes that moisture, dust, and microbes can seep into and accumulate in. A concrete coating creates a durable layer of protection that shields your floors from heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

Most Portland concrete mixes can last up to a century with minimal maintenance, but moisture penetration can reduce their lifespans. Concrete floors that accumulate moisture are more prone to cracking from tectonic shifts, impact damage and acid spills. Exterior concrete structures often have a polyurethane or epoxy coating, as high humidity, torrential rains, and other adverse weather effects can whittle down their strength.

Concrete cracks come from three things:

  • Moisture penetration causes the top layer of concrete to separate from the substrate, especially in environments where vehicle traffic and machine vibrations are common
  • Impact damage from falling objects, usually present in warehouses, storage facilities, and factories
  • Shifting substrate mass, usually from the evaporation of accumulated water or earthquakes

Repairing Cracks with Epoxy Floor Coatings in Atlanta

Our technicians use garage floor epoxy to remediate hundreds of cracks in residential and commercial structures every year. Here is how we do it.

Floor Sanitation

To ensure 100% adhesion of our epoxy floor coatings to cracked surfaces, we sanitize the concrete substrate before application. Our technicians use a degreaser with low volatile organic content, such as Rust-Oleum, to remove dust, oil, and other surfactants. For garages that do not receive many vehicles or foot traffic, we can use consumer-grade detergents, like Simple Green, to eliminate contaminants.

Applying epoxy floor coatings without clearing the oily residue from garage floors can lead to bubbles, chipping, and prolonged curing times. Thin layers of oil can be invisible to the naked eye, so our technicians check if a surface is clear by splashing it with water. Areas where water refuses to sink in still have oil.

Patching Up Cracks and Scuffs

Our technicians prefer using cement-based patches to eliminate cracks, dents, and scuffs, but they can take a long time to cure. Ready-mixed patches like Damtite and Red Devil can take up to 28 days to dry, so we usually reserve them for remodeling jobs on low-traffic properties. Meanwhile, most two-component epoxy patches like EpoxyShield and RockSolid only require eight hours to cure, after which you can apply a fresh coat of paint or a brand-new epoxy layer.

Protecting Repaired Floors

Epoxy patches typically have an industrial flat gray finish as engineers design them to be nondescript, but they would still stick out like a sore thumb on an old floor. Our technicians recommend installing new epoxy floor coatings or paint over your newly patched floor to protect it from moisture penetration and developing further cracks. 100% solids epoxies provide more comprehensive and long-lasting protection than paint, lasting up to 30 years with no need for reapplication.

Upgrading Repaired Floors

Calling professionals to repair broken floors presents an opportunity for residents and business owners to upgrade high-traffic surfaces. Our technicians can install anti-slip additives to epoxy floor coatings to make parking easier during wet seasons. These additives are also popular among customers who own pools, hot tubs, and private saunas.

In addition, anti-microbial additives can give kitchen counters, floors, and splashbacks an extra layer of protection against viral and bacterial threats.

Call Us Today and Repair Your Cracked Floors

Contact our experts at BadAss Garage Floors and discover how epoxy floor coatings and patches can repair your cracked floors. Call us at (678) 713-4348, and get a free consultation.

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