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What Are the Different Types of Commercial Floor Coatings?

On April 18, 2024

How can you add years to the lifespan of your commercial flooring? Contact BadAss Garage Floors for a free quote on coatings!

Your commercial floors likely see an unusually high level of traffic daily, with feet and heavy machinery causing scuffs and countless other imperfections. Could commercial floor coatings be the answer?

Below, BadAss Garage Floors explains how these innovative protective products can benefit local businesses.

Epoxy Commercial Coatings Are a Great Start

Epoxy commercial coatings offer durability and chemical resistance to grease, oil, and cleaners. It’s perfect for stores, warehouses, and garages, offering a high sheen in your preferred color. Impressively, the material lasts 10 to 20 years. 

During installation, plan for two to seven days to halt business operations in the newly coated floor area. The epoxy may also expel toxic fumes while curing, so the installation plan should include time to allow proper ventilation. 

Polyaspartic Commercial Floor Coatings Go For 20 Years

Unlike epoxy, polyaspartic commercial concrete coatings dry much faster and don’t contain VOCs. They’re more eco-friendly.

While it is more expensive, polyaspartic coatings require less maintenance and last about 20 years. The high traffic resistance and resistance to UV rays, heat, and chemicals are also a plus. 

It does become slippery when wet, so consider the application area carefully. 

Polyurethane Commercial Concrete Coatings Could Be the Cherry on Top

Epoxy coatings discolor under UV rays and may dent when impacted, while polyaspartic coatings can be expensive. If you’re looking for longer-lasting surfaces, your commercial operation might find that polyurethane is a more cost-effective and resistant option.


  • Cures in one to two days
  • Anti-slip
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance, smooth finish

When Your Business Needs a Badass Coating Installation Team, Call Us!

Various commercial floor coatings offer unique benefits with relatively quick installations.

Why wait? Call BadAss Garage Floors at (678) 871-8080 in Atlanta, Georgia, for a free quote today!

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