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What Is Concrete Resurfacing?

On February 16, 2022

If you don’t like the idea of removing your old and outdated concrete to introduce a new and modern design, we have good news for you — you don’t have to. Concrete resurfacing is one of the best approaches to restore the look and condition of your old floor, saving you a great deal of money and time.

Adding concrete coatings is an excellent way to revitalize your old garage, driveway, pool deck, or patio flooring and make it fresh again. It is also an opportunity to improve your property value and increase the comfort of your home.

The Concrete Resurfacing Process

Concrete resurfacing is the process of adding a new decorative layer to your concrete floor. You can choose whether you want polyaspartic or epoxy floor coating based on your needs and budget.

Epoxy is a cost-effective coating solution with excellent scratch-resistant features, while polyaspartic is one of the most durable and long-standing concrete coatings on the market. In addition, it is UV stable, meaning your new floors won’t yellow or stain, is heat resistant, and can withstand heavy traffic, tire marks, chemical spills, and scratches.

Concrete coatings are available in various designs, colors, and textures, so you can combine and personalize the look the way you want it. Whether you are into granite, sandstone, or brick finishes, rest assured, you can accomplish the look you want with the right coating system. You could also use color to add warmth and style to your aged driveway, pool deck, or garage floors and turn them from ordinary to breathtaking.

Step 1: Cleaning

The first step of concrete resurfacing is thorough floor cleaning. The concrete coating experts will wash the floors to remove mildew, dirt, and grime and ensure the surface is as smooth as possible.

Step 2: Repairing the Cracks

The next step is repairing all floor imperfections, including small cracks and tiny holes. Professionals will cover the cracks with polymer concrete and fill the holes with mortar.

Step 3: Cover the Surface

When contractors complete all repairs and prime the surface, they will cover the surface and get ready to apply the coating.

Step 4: Coloring

The contractors will apply a thin but long-lasting coating later and cover the entire surface. Then, they will apply decorative coloring for an authentic look and a seal coat to protect the new floors from outside elements.

Step 5: Drying Time

Depending on the concrete coating, drying time can take a couple of hours to three days. Epoxy cures slower, and it usually takes up to three days, while polyaspartic and polyurea cure in 24 hours or less.

Difference Between Resurfacing and Replacing Concrete Coatings

Concrete repair is fixing old and outdated concrete with cracks and chipped surfaces. In most cases, home and business owners repair concrete after deterioration due to human or environmental factors.

However, you might be surprised by the numerous benefits concrete resurfacing offers and why it is a better option than replacing your existing floor.

Quick and Easy to Apply

Concrete resurfacing is a quick and easy process compared to replacing the entire floor. In many cases, your new floor will be ready to use within 24-72 hours after installation.

When applying the resurfacing floor coatings, contractors spread them throughout the surface and hide the appearance of any blemishes or cracks without damaging the surface.

It Is Cost-Effective

Not only is concrete resurfacing a quick process, but it is also affordable. Concrete repair or replacement requires a lot of equipment, tools, and manpower which increases the overall costs.

If you want to breathe life into your old and dusty floors without breaking the bank, concrete resurfacing is the right option for you. The process is suitable for various commercial surfaces, including:

  • Auto mechanic garages
  • Auto shops
  • Commercial basements
  • Laboratories
  • Hospital and healthcare facilities
  • Car dealerships

Check out how we help our customers with their commercial coating needs here.

It Increases Property Value

If you plan to sell your property soon, you consider the fundamental factors that impact the value, including the floors. Ugly and deteriorated floors can decrease the property value because the buyer will have to spend extra money to repair the damage.

Concrete resurfacing can upgrade the overall look of the floors and attract potential buyers.

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