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What Is Solid Color Epoxy Flooring?

On February 25, 2022

At BadAss Garage Floors, we answer hundreds of questions from commercial and residential customers wondering if a solid color epoxy flooring is the right choice for their home, apartment complex, or office park.

Epoxy floor coatings with a solid color system rank among our best-selling products. They are well-known in the home improvement industry for their high-gloss finish, low volatile material content, and outstanding shock resistance. We love applying them to various patios, garage floors, and showrooms because of their ease of working with them, and customers love them for their durability.

In this explainer, our technicians will detail what solid color epoxy flooring is and what makes it different from other flooring solutions at a level that home improvement newbies can understand. We’re going to outline its various commercial and residential uses and help you determine if it’s the best material to protect your concrete floor.

What Are Solid Color Epoxy Floors?

At first glance, solid color epoxy flooring might sound easy to define because it describes a flooring resin that only comes in one solid and non-opaque color finish. However, there’s more to it than that.

At BadAss Garage Floors, our solid epoxy floorings come in a unique configuration consisting of:

  •         A sub-coat
  •         A tinted middle coating
  •         A water-resistant topcoat

Most contractors who offer this flooring system use branded coatings, such as Epoxy-Shell and Poly-Shell, as their customers want to maximize the lifespan and durability of their new floors. Branded resins allow contractors to offer decade-long warranties to even their lowest-paying clients, and we offer them for our customers too.

What Is a Solid Color System?

If this is your first time reading about epoxy floor systems, you will notice the term “Solid Color System” in many product and service descriptions from manufacturers and contractors.

Having a solid color system only means that an epoxy floor will have a tinted sublayer that will take decades to fade, even when exposed to direct sunlight. You can choose from thousands of color options, and at BadAss Garage Floors, our designers can use a computer with electronic color wheels to help you get the shade you want.

What Makes Solid Color Epoxy Floors Different From Other Protectants?

Concrete is porous, which means it has millions of tiny holes that soak up moisture in the air and liquids from all kinds of spills. It is also brittle without a protective top layer. A solid color epoxy flooring will give you two benefits: Upgrade the look of bare concrete floors and protect them from shock, heat, abrasion, and all liquids.

Our solid color epoxy floors utilize two layers of tinted sub-coats. One layer consists of a Poly-Shell or Epoxy-Shell primer that helps subsequent epoxy layers stick to a smoothened and leveled concrete surface. The other is a layer of identical epoxy resin, only a little thicker.

The primer – a low viscosity epoxy mix—means it has nearly the same characteristics as water. It will move freely throughout your floors, allowing our technicians to coat large spaces without much effort. The second coat is a high-build epoxy mix, which is slower-drying and has a wax or gel-like viscosity thanks to its 100% solids composition.

We mix the two coats with the dye of your choice using automatic equipment in our workshop to ensure that they blend well. Our technicians will apply a sealer after the two coats cure, and you can choose from a broad range of topcoats. Most of our clients opt for epoxy, polyurea, polyaspartic, or aliphatic urethane.

Why Do Thousands of People Like Solid Color Epoxy Flooring?

Technicians love solid color epoxy floors because they prove easy to apply, emit a reduced level of volatile and odorous gases, and are compatible with numerous substrates, including laminates, tile, concrete, and wood. Our remodeling clients appreciate their cost-efficiency, outstanding adhesion, and slip-resistant properties.

Our topcoats harness the power of nanotechnology to deliver excellent heat resistance and a self-leveling process, so they pose no risk of getting bumps and creases on your new floors. You can spill liquids like acetone, motor oil, and acids with temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and you won’t damage anything. Our sealers provide an elastic high-gloss finish that can accommodate tectonic plate movements and earthquakes without cracking or marring.

Get the Best Solid Color Epoxy Flooring in the Market Today

Solid color epoxy floorings are popular among business owners and residents looking to protect high-traffic areas from adverse weather effects, mold growth, and shock damage. They are the number one coating for property managers who run factory floors, loading bays, locker rooms, and various maintenance areas in Georgia. Call BadAss Garage Floors today at (678) 713-4348, and we’ll give you a free quote.

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