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Epoxy Garage Floor Care Tips

On December 22, 2022

Installing epoxy garage coatings in your home or business is a fantastic way to preserve your concrete floor’s integrity while enhancing your property’s visual appeal. However, garage floor epoxy requires routine maintenance to sustain its appearance, impact resistance, longevity, and more. Fortunately, the epoxy experts at BadAss Garage Floors put together some efficient tips and tricks to help you maintain your garage floor epoxy for years to come.

BadAss Garage Floors is your source for high-quality epoxy garage coatings in Georgia. We offer first-class garage floor epoxy coatings that will help your garage reach its true visual potential while protecting it from severe impacts, chemical spills, discoloration, and more. If you want to preserve your garage floor and enhance its allure, contact BadAss Garage Floors for exceptional epoxy garage coatings in Georgia.

What Is Garage Floor Epoxy?

Garage floor epoxy is a durable chemical coating consisting of epoxy resin and hardening substances. Coatings come in numerous colors, designs, and patterns, allowing you to enhance your garage floor’s appearance while improving its integrity. Garage floor epoxy is exceedingly robust and can handle 20,000 PSI without experiencing cracks, fissures, dents, and other unsightly blemishes.

However, epoxy garage coatings require routine maintenance to ensure optimal protection and longevity. Unmaintained garage floor coatings are more prone to damage and can’t protect the surface efficiently, making it vulnerable to damage and deterioration. Fortunately, epoxy floor coatings are easy to maintain and don’t require expensive cleaning supplies or materials.

How To Maintain Epoxy Garage Coatings

Maintaining an epoxy garage floor coating is easy once you understand the proper maintenance methods. Cleaning the surface with the wrong materials or cleaning supplies can have numerous adverse effects on its appearance, longevity, and overall quality. However, if you utilize the maintenance tips below, you can keep your garage floor in immaculate condition for years to come.


Mopping the floor coating a few times a week is a surefire way to keep it looking its best year-round. It eliminates troublesome dirt and dust while giving the surface an alluring sheen. Professionals recommend dust mopping epoxy garage coatings twice a week to maintain their appearance.

Coatings in commercial garages often require more heavy-duty cleaning materials than ones in residential carports. If you have an epoxy coating in a commercial garage, use a microfiber or hard foam mop to scrub the surface and remove blemishes.

Also, don’t mop with citrus or vinegar-based cleaning supplies. These products can leave an unsightly haze over the surface that can deteriorate the coating and finish. Instead, mix a half cup of ammonia with a gallon of warm water and apply it to the mop before cleaning the surface.

If you don’t have ammonia, combine three parts water with one part Windex to create an efficient coating cleaner. The mixture will efficiently clean the epoxy coating without damaging the surface or leaving film or haze markings.

If your garage floor coating has an anti-slip top layer, brushing the surface with a soft bristle broom once or twice a week will enhance its appeal even further.

Spot Clean Leaks and Spills

Garages are prone to numerous leaks and spills that can stain the floor and cause you to slip and potentially injure yourself. Although most epoxy garage coatings contain slip-resistant top layers, leaks and spills can still hinder their appearance.

Spot-cleaning leaks and spills with a rag, soft cloth towel, or paper towel will prevent stains and potential slips and falls. You can also use Windex to remove film caused by the spill or leak.

Hire Professional Cleaning Services

Professional epoxy cleaning companies can restore your garage coating’s appearance while preserving its structural integrity. They understand the best cleaning method for each coating variation, ensuring it receives an exceptional cleaning without delay. Most cleaning services will provide professional maintenance tips to help you maintain your garage floor safely and effectively.

Contact BadAss Garage Floors for High-Quality Epoxy Garage Coatings in Georgia

If you want to protect your garage floor while enhancing its appearance, durability, and more, contact BadAss Garage Floors. Our team will help you find the best epoxy garage coating to ensure your carport looks its best and withstands the test of time. We’ve been helping Georgia residents install and maintain their garage floor coatings for over ten years, giving us the experience we need to handle any epoxy project you throw our way.

Give BadAss Garage Floors a call at (678) 713-4348 and receive high-quality epoxy garage coatings in Georgia today!

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