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The Benefits of Basement Floor Coatings: From Aesthetics to Functionality

On April 14, 2023

The basement is one of the most underutilized and neglected areas in Atlanta homes. Many homeowners cite cold and dampness as the main reason they don’t use their basements often.

Basement floor coatings are a simple, cost-effective way to keep your basement dry, warm, and functional. They can also help restore your cracked, moldy, and unsightly concrete basement floor.

In this blog post, we explore the most notable benefits of basement floor coatings in Atlanta. Keep reading for more information.

Improve Your Floors Moisture and Mold Resistance

Your basement’s dampness creates a conducive breeding environment for mildew, mold, and other harmful bacteria. These conditions increase the risk of water damage and diseases.

Installing epoxy basement floor coating can help prevent leaks and spills from seeping into the floor beneath, leading to structural damage.

Epoxy is non-porous, so water will just sit on top, making it easy to clean. Moreover, epoxy floor coatings can resist bacteria and germs, protecting your floor against mold and mildew growth.

Ensure Strong and Long-Lasting Protection

Concrete basement floors can take a beating from heavy foot and machine traffic, chemical spills, and stains, all of which can compromise your floor’s longevity. A high-quality coating can help ensure your basement floor remains in excellent condition for years.

Epoxy floors are a popular option for basement flooring in Atlanta because of their exceptional durability. These coatings protect concrete floors from stains and cracks and can last up to twenty years with proper care.

Make Your Basement More Attractive

Basement areas are usually dark, and you may not receive the same level of natural light as the rest of your house, even with egress windows. The darkness makes your basement unfit for company, and many people will avoid spending time there.

Most high-quality floor coatings have reflective properties and can instantly brighten up your space, making it more inviting. These coatings reflect the natural light that gets into your basement. They also come in a wide range of styles, colors, and textures that you can customize to achieve your desired look and feel.

Reduce Basement Slip-and-fall Accidents

Potholes and liquid spills on concrete floors can increase the risk of tripping, slipping, and falling accidents.  However, when you install a high–quality coating on your basement floor, you can avert these issues and create a safer surface for your loved ones to walk on.

You can customize concrete coatings to your specific needs. For example, you can add a grit additive to your basement floor coating to enhance slip resistance. You can also increase safety by investing in a highly reflective coating for improved visibility in the basement.

Make Your Floor Easier to Cleaning and Maintain

Floor coatings provide a smooth surface that is easier to clean than traditional concrete surfaces. They are resistant to dust, dirt, oil, stains, and other chemicals. This resistance is among the features that make concrete coatings an excellent option for basements.

Besides withstanding harsh chemicals and cleaners, most basement floor coatings are easy to sweep. All you need is a wet mop or dirt mop to keep the floor free of dirt and debris.

You can use a regular kitchen mop to remove minor stains, and if your coating is in your garage, you can use rags and paper towels to wipe oil, fuel, antifreeze, and other fluids leaking from machines and vehicles.

Keep Pests and Bacteria from Your Property

The basement serves as your building’s foundation, so it needs proper protection against pests and bacteria. Applying a high-quality coating on your concrete basement floor can help prevent bacterial and pest infestations in your home.

Cost-effective Basement Flooring Option

Concrete floor coatings are one of the most cost-effective basement flooring options. Installing a floor coating is more affordable than replacing an entire worn-out concrete flooring.

If you find a reputable professional to install the right floor coatings for your basement, you can drastically reduce your floor maintenance costs, saving you a significant amount of money in the long run.

Increase Your Property’s Value

Concrete floor coatings can also boost your home’s value. By protecting your concrete surfaces and providing a more polished look, you can improve your home’s visual appearance. Consequently, it will be more attractive to prospective buyers, translating to a higher offer and a quicker sale.

Call for Quality Basement Floor Coatings in Atlanta, GA

Coating your basement floor can make it resistant to moisture, preventing mold and mildew growth that can pose health risks to your family. Besides improving your basement’s visual appeal, a high-quality coating will also improve your floor’s longevity.

When it comes to installing basement floor coatings, it’s critical to hire a reputable professional to ensure quality workmanship and long-term results. BadAss Garage offers the highest quality concrete coating solutions in Atlanta, GA.

With over ten years of industry experience, we have the skills and equipment to do the job efficiently and exceed your expectations. We specialize in epoxy basecoats and polyaspartic top coats and use Urethane Polymer Concrete and Kretus-branded products to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

We take customer satisfaction seriously and provide a lifetime warranty against coating failure to adhere to your concrete surfaces. Trust our highly trained and licensed team to transform your worn-out basement floor into a beautiful, safe surface that will last for years.

Call BadAss Garage Floors at (678) 713-4348 for a free quote for high-quality basement floor coatings in Atlanta, GA. 

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